A Review of the Best Asian Cities to Live In

The decision to choose a place to live is related to economic prosperity, physical beauty, educational institutions, and geographical cohesiveness.

Singapore: Singapore continues to be the best place in Asia to live. Low crime rates, good career growth, universal lifestyles, and high standards of living make this city extraordinary. Singapore’s cultural environment, quality of housing, educational facilities, public services, and transportation are qualities that maintain its position in 28th position worldwide. Because this place is a bilingual country, foreigners will feel comfortable. Singapore is a vehicle for cultural fusion because you can find respect for all cultures. The skills of government departments are fulfilled and are unique in transportation facilities.

Hong Kong China: Hong Kong, the capital of banking, is the best place to make money. The city of Hong Kong has world-class restaurants, tropical beaches, and popular international nightlife. This city is a simple place to live for the expatriate community. The international airport in Honk Kong is the most estimated for its flight connections.

Seoul, South Korea: Seoul, known as the ‘Alpha world city’ offers a lot of fun. The vast city along the Han River is a place full of many activities. The people here are friendly. We can see a multi-religious culture or a mixture of eastern and western religious cultures in this city. The city offers excellent facilities for entertainment and dining. Incheon Bali Indonesia: Island of the Gods, this place has good value. Not much nightlife is seen in this place. This is a very small crowded area, but it is unique to a very good surfing area in the world.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Hanoi is a gateway to world treasures. It has a very good architecture and a world class hotel with Asian services.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur is a modern cosmopolitan city with clean streets. This is the capital of Malaysia. The modern facilities of this city can be compared to those in New York or London. Kuala Lumpur is really cheap so you can find lots of expats here.

Hangzou, China: This city is famous for its greenery. This beach is very calm and pleasant, friendly and impresses people.

Koh Samui, Thailand: This is a crowded place but a very good place to relax. You can enjoy the beauty of the place. Many tourists visit Koh Samui because staying here is not expensive. People are always cool.

Fukuoka, Japan: Fukuoka Prefecture offers good opportunities for shopping, a variety of delicious cuisine, and eclectic entertainment. This place is famous for its beautiful mountains, long rivers and unique flora and fauna.

Chengdu, China: Chengdu is located in the southeast of China. This is the capital of Sichuan province. This is called “heaven”. The city is known for its quiet and calm environment. Happy to live here. Sichuan dishes, especially hot-pots, are very famous houses and boats. Chengdu has developed very rapidly in recent years.