Chiang Mai Is the City Of Choice for Thailand Visitors

Chiang Mai is the choice of many people from all over the world who decide to move to Thailand and start a new life. Less busy than Bangkok, this Thai city is nestled between mountains and beautiful open plains. This is one of the reasons this Asian city and its suburbs are loved by amateur and professional photographers. Beautiful and award-winning photos have long captured the special charm that Chiang Mai fulfills.

Modern City Life Combined with History

Chiang Mai has stood the test of time. The whole era has come and gone and this enchanting city still exists. It was founded by King Mengrai in 1296, and its name means ‘new city.’ Initially surrounded by a moat, this Thai city has seen many battles as each dynasty tries to take over.

Now it is an unofficial capital city in northern Thailand. It has a strong economy and diverse culture. The city is divided into 16 different districts, which are then divided into villages. Many families have lived in the same village for dozens of generations or more.

Visiting Chiang Mai

Thai people are friendly and welcoming. They want you to have a fantastic and memorable time in their beautiful city, and they will try hard to make it happen. You will feel comfortable walking in most areas of Chiang Mai, and you will find time flies quickly as you explore the colorful street markets with all kinds of jewelry, fabrics and food for sale.

Don’t worry tired, because this city has very good public bus services. If you feel brave, you can rent a motorbike to get around the city. Or, you can call one of the many tuk tuks that serve visitors and residents. These small car rickshaws maneuver through busy city streets quickly and efficiently.

Medical Care If You Need It

Nobody wants to think about getting sick or hurt while on vacation, but it can happen. Fortunately, if that happens when you are in Chiang Mai, you don’t need to worry because the city has several well-appointed hospitals. There are also many clinics that can treat non-emergencies.

Dental care is also available for foreigners. In fact, some people travel to Thailand from other countries to do dental treatment in Thailand. This is a compliment to Thai dentists and should make most American and European visitors calm.

Thai Massage is second to none

Thai massage is available from vendors operating in many street markets in big cities. Massage is a must for anyone who has tense or tense muscles, or only for people who want to feel the pleasure of deep muscle massage.

Thai massage is different from several other types of massage because there is no oil used. Massage recipients are usually located on mattresses on the floor, although raised mats are also used. Thai massage is a deep muscle massage that flexes and stretches the muscles until all tension and tension is gone. People who experience it actually say it is the best massage in the entire world.