Holiday & Travel Guide For Sydney, Australia


The metropolitan city of Sydney is a very popular place for tourists, with many varied attractions. To start, Featherdale is a privately owned wild life park that received the gold tourism award for 2009. It is an ideal day out for all the family with more than 2000 animals, such as the cuddly Koala plus Wombats and Reptiles to see and don’t forget the local Kangaroos. The world heritage sandstone Blue Mountains just bordering Sydney are a fabulous sight, where natural forests of eucalyptus densely grow and you can explore the nature trails and fast flowing Wentworth waterfalls. The rock formation known as the Three Sisters can be seen from most areas of the mountain. There are many short cruise excursions around the local harbour; it can be a little choppy on the water, but well worth it for the views. Sydney opera house is an enormous building for the performing arts, you can take guided tours around the building or relax watching one of the many famous shows that are performed daily. One of the most popular tours in the region is one to partake in whale watching; they sail out from Sydney harbour daily from mid May where tourists can view the fabulous sight of a humpback whale. There is always something to do in Sydney that will suit most tourists.


There is so much shopping to be done in Sydney, it’s a shoppers heaven! You won’t know where to start or when to stop with large department stores and massive shopping complexes all within walking distance of each other. There are speciality stores and designer boutiques selling everything you could possibly think of. You could spend a week visiting the stores in centre point and still not have seen them all. Not only do you have all the indoor stores though, there are also outdoor markets held weekly for a different experience.


Fish and chips are served widely in Australia. It is one of their favourite dishes alongside a variety of fresh sea food dishes. If you like something a little different, or even wacky, then try a ‘bush tucker’ which is the aborigine traditional food consisting of nutritious bugs, grubs and ants; not for the faint hearted. Sydney is very diverse in its cuisine and regional foods like Greek, Asian and Mediterranean can be found easily. Sydney has some top notch restaurants, especially around the harbour and prices are quite reasonable.


Sydney Opera House has performances nightly from comedy to theatre and more, there are also regular shows that are aimed at the family, so you will surely find a show to suit your requirements. If you’re looking for pubs, clubs and nightclubs then Sydney is the place to be a party animal too. If you are looking for something lighter then this main city has something to suit everyone’s taste, from loud and rowdy clubs to quiet and romantic evening cruises around the harbour.


Sun, sea and surf is the Australian way. If you’re not swimming or topping up your tan on the white sand beaches, then surfing it must be. There are life guards along the beaches to stay safe and there are plenty of other water sports available if you want to do more than swim. Surfing really is the sport of the country though, so have a go.