Travel in Five Hot Asian Cities in the Most Suitable Time

Maybe you’ve visited these countries as follows before, and even studied famous tourist attractions by heart. However, you cannot travel in these five hot Asian cities where you can pamper yourself completely.

City No.1: Bangkok Time: From November to January

Bangkok plays an important role in Thailand as does Rome in Italy. He has two important things, namely holiness and romance. The sanctity of Bangkok is gold. Whether walking in the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha with a pious heart or floating on the Chao Phraya River at night, you can see bright golden light, as if you have seen its bright and long history.

No.2 City: Osaka Time: From March to May

For modern people on the go, they often don’t like trips that make them feel too tired, but they are very particular about full enjoyment in food, shopping and playing during casual trips. Then Osaka, the second largest city in Japan, is a very interesting city. Typical tourist routes with the theme of food, shopping, and sightseeing might be able to fulfill all your travel desires.

No.3 City: Kuala Lumpur Time: From September to October

Kuala Lumpur is one of the places that has the most holidays in the world. In Malaysia, Islam is the main local celebration festival, Christmas is a national holiday, and even the annual Chinese New Year’s Day is crowded here. Kuala Lumpur, as the capital of Malaysia, is very majestic, crowded, and colorful during the festival.

City No.4: Seoul Time: November

Enthusiastic people, bustling cities, amazing natural scenery, long history and culture, are all in Seoul. Seoul is dynamic showing pleasant scenes everywhere. Whether you explore the elegant and beautiful Palace Site or enjoy the folk cultural district, the whole trip will leave you a clear impression and a feeling of newness.

No.5 City: Singapore Time: Anytime

If you have to use one word to describe Singapore, “very” can be the most appropriate choice. This vibrant city is full of contrast and color, where you can find the perfect union between cultures, food, art and architecture. The lively metropolitan city of Southeast Asia is filled with unlimited energy, which fully embodies the perfect convergence between East and West.